Both Maria and Sara are qualified teachers with over 10 years experience of running training in P4C.   They have completed the SAPERE (Society for Advancement of Philosophical Enquiry and Reflection in Education) training Levels 1, 2 and 3.  We are registered SAPERE trainers.

Our training offered is practice-based, accessible and inspiring for all practitioners, whatever their level of expertise.

Within our training we look at Philosophical themes, Skills of dialogue and the facilitation of Enquiries in a relaxed but intellectually rigorous environment.

We aim for practitioners to leave after our sessions with the confidence to start exploring P4C with the groups they work with.  For this reason we ensure we provide plenty of activities that can be used in the classroom alongside the theoretical knowedge of P4C.

We use a range of hands-on resources to bring the sessions to life

All resources and ideas are tried and tested, and sessions are adapted to meet the needs of each group.  We can work with teachers, teaching assistants , parents  and pupils as required. 

We offer twilights and INSET days to schools or clusters of schools.  We ensure that our sessions are practical and engaging by limiting the session numbers to 25. 
We send out a pre-session form to ensure that each session takes into account the needs of the practitioners.  We provide a supporting pack to each participant and offer follow-up support where necessary.
Practitioners engage in a wide variety of activities to understand the skills involved in P4C
There is always a chance to have a look at good quality pictures books

We have had excellent feedback from our courses over the years:

“I’ve been stuck in a set format.  Now I’ll feel free to explore other systems; homework, thinking diaries, games to play”  Teacher, First School

“I would love to try out some of the ideas in the classroom.  Maybe I will try to use it with my Year 1 in my final Teaching Practice”.   Student Teacher

 “Philosophy is on our school timetable but I haven’t taught it yet as not having previous experience.  Now I will be able to allow the children to access this part of the curriculum”   Teacher, Primary School

 “(It was helpful) seeing/ hearing how so much can come from some questions……really would like to use this in school – this has helped me to feel that I can have a go.”  Student Teacher

 “Well presented, Visual etc and hands-on.  Nice and relaxed with friendly atmosphere”  Teacher, First School

 “You both work well together and compliment each other’s styles very well.  It was good it was very informal and easy to chip in with a question.”    Student Teacher

 “Relaxed and informal, but also very informative and interesting……I feel less tied to a structure for Philosophy sessions.  I feel I have a better idea of how to focus in on what the children really want to talk about”    Teacher, First and Nursery School

 “Interactive and lively.  Well explained and clear.”   Student Teacher

 “Very good, interactive and enjoyable”  Teacher, High School

 “I feel much more confident about having a go at a Philosophy session and am keen to do so!”   Student Teacher

If you wish to find out more about the training we offer - get in touch with us at or see our contacts page

We’re always happy to discuss your groups needs and adapt our training accordingly.

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