…..do Philosophy for Children

Philosophy enables children to explore deeply the issues and ideas that affect them in their lives.  In this fast-changing world they need the skills to analyse and make sense of the myriad of information thrown at them.   It gives them the skills to reason and argue at a deeper level, reflecting and challenging the received wisdom that can so often be outdated or unreliable.  It encourages them to think creatively and imaginatively, problem-solve and develop their own informed opinions and beliefs.

We have found that the skills of reasoning they learn in P4C can be applied across the curriculum and can inform their decision-making in their lives outside the classroom.   By encouraging children to develop their questioning, hypothesising and analysing skills, they are more ready for the challenges of further education and the world of work.

Children enjoy talking about things that matter to them.   So often children are ignored, marginalised and not taken seriously.  We ignore our youth at our peril as it is so often they who can add a perspective crucial to sustained development of a society.

Children enjoy the intellectual challenge.  So often we hear that “boys are under achieving” or that results in writing are lagging behind what is expected.  In P4C, children without the obvious academic ability show that they can think, explore text, understand inference and explain their ideas.  P4c is inclusive and rigorous, it allows individuals (whatever their needs) to be recognised while developing a strong sense of community.

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