Baddies – a dialogue with boys

H- This one hungry wolf is ‘cos he’s got sharp teeth and eats something- a girl

N- And this wicked witch –she is scary and I don’t like her

CT but she looks like quite a nice witch, she is smiling isn’t she?

N- No she is doing spells in her head- all witches are bad

CT- what if you were a frog and she did a spell to turn you back into a little boy again? Would she be good then?

N- No she would put me back to a frog and put me in the big oven

B-This hunchback is bad –his face is bad

CT- Does it matter that he has a bad face? How do we know he is bad?

N- He will be bad when people come in his castle

G- (picks up the mermaid) What is this?

C She is a mermaid with sharp teeth which we can’t see

G-Then she be bad

H-This monster is bad (Minotaur) he is cross

CT-Are you bad when you have a cross face?

H-No, my teeth’s not sharp

B-This monster is Sully he is good

CT- But he is a monster why is he not bad like these other ones?

B- He is smiling so he is a good monster

Ct What if this ogre smiles? Is he good too?

N- No he is bad he’s not happy and he has these (sword and axe)

He’s bad ‘cos he’s not happy

H-I be bad when someone shout at me..

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