Questions raised through dialogue about our robot inventions.

If Jessie’s robot cries when it burns itself cooking, is it really crying?

Do you have to be human to cry?

Would Ella and Alice’s robots do evil things if they were programmed to do everything?

Does a robot think for itself?

Should humans make money from making robots do the work?

Should robots get paid for their work?

Is turning a robot off the same as killing it?

How is Andrew’s robot that washes clothes different to a washing machine?

Is there a difference between a machine and a robot?

Do robots have brains?


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How do we know if a robot has a brain?

Do brains have to have learning in them?

Can we teach robots to learn?

If Andrew’s robot has a memory circuit built in, can it remember things?

Is this a real memory?

What is a real memory?

How can robots remember when they never grow up?

If a computer remembers what we type does it have a memory?

If our brain is made of electrical signals are we like machines?

Does a robot have a personality?

Is your personality part of your brain or your body?

Can robots have babies?

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