Enquiry in KS1 using The Last Noo-Noo- Jill Murphy

Questions asked by the children

  • Why did Grandma say “nonsense”?
  • Why did mum throw the dummies away?
  • Why did Marlon have lots of dummies?
  • Why did he still need a dummy?
  • Why did the monsters tease him?
  • Why did the monsters snatch his noo noo?
  • Why didn’t Marlon want to give up his dummy?
  • Why did he decide to drop his dummy?
  • Why did he give up his dummy?
  • Why did he plant a noo noo in the ground?


The children grouped the questions into their own categories

It’s about grown ups not being nice

Its about needing something

It’s about wanting something

It’s about making a change

It’s about wanting more

The children voted on an area they wanted to talk about together and made a question from the chosen theme.

Why do people make changes?

Ideas raised;

Are changes permanent?

Do we ever change as people?

Are we the same person when we grow up?

Why do we change?

Do we have a choice in change?

Do we control change?

Can we refuse to change?

Is change necessary?

Do other people make us change?


I think people do make us change, they say you must not have a dummy anymore you are too big

Yes I agree, I wanted to keep my little bike but it was too small so it got dumped

I liked it best in reception and we can’t stay there can we

We could just stay here and have a new teacher

But we would only have reception toys

I don’t care I like playing with baby toys

CT-Would people laugh if a grown up had a dummy?

Yes Because they would look silly

CT-What if David Beckham had one? Would people laugh at him?

I think so but if he likes that we mustn’t laugh

Grown ups make people grow up and not have dummies we have to do it

I didn’t like being a baby so I changed I couldn’t see properly

You can’t change all by yourself you have to wait

But grown ups make you wait don’t they?

CT Can you explain that a bit more?

Well, sometimes they say you are not big enough but you are, so you stay a baby

Ct- Do you think you grow up on the inside or the outside?

Homework question agreed upon

Why don’t big kids and grown ups have dummies?


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