Would you rather be imprisoned in?

a)            A bird cage

b)            a lift

c)            a submarine

d)            A school?

Would you rather be chosen to?

a)            go into space

b)            captain the national football team

c)            have your own TV show

d)            Be the winner of pop idol?


Would you rather be lost?

a)            at sea

b)            in space

c)            on a desert island

d)            in a crowded city


Would you rather win?

a)            A million pounds

b)            Eternal youth

c)            Happiness for the rest of your life

d)            Free sweets every day of your life.


You are stranded in the sea after a shipwreck. You can choose to swim to one of four nearby Islands. Each island has only one of these food groups Which island will you go to?

Would you rather survive by eating?

a)            Insects

b)            Fruit and plants

c)            Animals

d)            Humans


Would you rather live?

a)            a long lonely life

b)            a short happy life

c)            a short life with endless money

d)            a long life with no money?


Would you rather meet?

a)            God

b)            Your great, great, great, great, grandparents

c)            The cleverest person in the world

d)            David Beckham?


Would you rather find?

a)            a living dinosaur

b)            a real fairy

c)            a purse that never empties

d)            a doorway into a different world?


Would you rather be born again as?

a)            a bird

b)            a tortoise

c)            a fish

d)            a lion


Would you rather live with?

a)            The big bad wolf

b)            Goldilocks

c)            Peter pan

d)            The seven dwarves?


Would you rather live without?

a)            Your hands

b)            Your feet

c)            Your eyes

d)            Your ears


Would you rather the only rule in the world should be?

a)            Everybody must only ever wear school uniform.

b)            Everybody must smile at all times.

c)            Nobody is allowed to spend any money.

d)            Nobody is allowed to tell any kind of lie


Would you rather people were not allowed to

a)            Be angry

b)            Be sad

c)            Be scared

d)            Be silly


Would you rather look like?

a)            a kitten

b)            a monkey

c)            a frog

d)            a tiger


Would you rather live?

a)            on the moon

b)            under the sea

c)            in a jungle

d)            under ground


Would you rather be?

a)            as small as an ant

b)            as big as a giant

c)            as beautiful as a princess

d)            As scary as a monster?



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