A dialogue about goodies with girls

N- Let’s put all the lovelies in the castle

G- This girl with a fish is lovely

J-But she is swimming- not in the castle she can be good outside

CT- Did you know some mermaids like this one have very sharp teeth?

N- She not smiling

CT -so is she a goody then?

G- Yes-there is some fairies, they is lovely too

CT- Oh I have found a King, he is wearing lovely clothes isn’t he? Can he come in?

M- No, he’s not a lovely

N- He is a nasty. He’s not a girl

CT- Are only girls lovelies then?

N- Yes

CT- But this pixie you have put here is a boy isn’t he?

(I don’t think she had realised this)

Can he still be a lovely?

M- Yes he can can’t he Nell?

N- (Thoughtful) – mmm

CT-So now you have a boy there can the King be a lovely too?

N- No but he can be a lovely over there by himself.

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