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Just Warming Up..

 Playing with ideas I have reflected a lot over the years about Enquiries and have ,without doubt seen children fully engaged in the challenges of thinking deeply about their lives.  However for those teachers who work with Key Stage 2 children,  it is clear how important it is to find the laughter and “play” in learning whenever possible. When I taught

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Working with Parent/Carers

We feel it important to involve our parent/carers in the philosophical dialogues of their children. After each session the children decide on a question or idea that  they wish to explore further at home. The children have a journal where they record their philosophy ideas in school. This journal is shared between home and school to build upon ideas. Below

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Monster at school

Stimulus Large drawing of a monster Stimulus details Draw a monster with a closed mouth (no teeth) three arms, four legs and a tail. Ensure that it looks neither friendly nor frightening. Year group Nursery/reception Skill focus Sharing ideas. Listening as part of a group. Making a decision. Revisiting a question after dialogue. Thinking focus Should we judge from appearance

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The Last Noo Noo
noo noo

Enquiry in KS1 using The Last Noo-Noo- Jill Murphy Questions asked by the children Why did Grandma say “nonsense”? Why did mum throw the dummies away? Why did Marlon have lots of dummies? Why did he still need a dummy? Why did the monsters tease him? Why did the monsters snatch his noo noo? Why didn’t Marlon want to give

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The book of good and bad

Stimulus Set of fairy tale character cards or figures. Stimulus details Set of figures, toys, puppets or pictures  depicting a dragon, king, evil queen, big bad wolf, witch, an ogre, prince, knight etc.  Year group Nursery/reception  Skill focus Justifying a choice. Agreeing and disagreeing with other choices. Introducing bigger concepts. Thinking focus Thinking about how characters behave and why. Understanding

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Big Questions 1

Big questions If God was the first being who made him? Should people be punished? Did we exist before we were born? Can there be a most beautiful thing? What is intelligence? Will I still be the same person when I am old? What makes something true? Is the brain different from the mind? How do we know something is

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Baddies – a dialogue with boys

Baddies – a dialogue with boys H- This one hungry wolf is ‘cos he’s got sharp teeth and eats something- a girl N- And this wicked witch –she is scary and I don’t like her CT but she looks like quite a nice witch, she is smiling isn’t she? N- No she is doing spells in her head- all witches

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Questions raised through dialogue: robot inventions
robot Q

Questions raised through dialogue about our robot inventions. If Jessie’s robot cries when it burns itself cooking, is it really crying? Do you have to be human to cry? Would Ella and Alice’s robots do evil things if they were programmed to do everything? Does a robot think for itself? Should humans make money from making robots do the work?

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A dialogue about goodies with girls

A dialogue about goodies with girls N- Let’s put all the lovelies in the castle G- This girl with a fish is lovely J-But she is swimming- not in the castle she can be good outside CT- Did you know some mermaids like this one have very sharp teeth? N- She not smiling CT -so is she a goody then?

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