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Monster at school

Stimulus Large drawing of a monster Stimulus details Draw a monster with a closed mouth (no teeth) three arms, four legs and a tail. Ensure that it looks neither friendly nor frightening. Year group Nursery/reception Skill focus Sharing ideas. Listening as part of a group. Making a decision. Revisiting a question after dialogue. Thinking focus Should we judge from appearance

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The book of good and bad

Stimulus Set of fairy tale character cards or figures. Stimulus details Set of figures, toys, puppets or pictures  depicting a dragon, king, evil queen, big bad wolf, witch, an ogre, prince, knight etc.  Year group Nursery/reception  Skill focus Justifying a choice. Agreeing and disagreeing with other choices. Introducing bigger concepts. Thinking focus Thinking about how characters behave and why. Understanding

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Big Questions 1

Big questions If God was the first being who made him? Should people be punished? Did we exist before we were born? Can there be a most beautiful thing? What is intelligence? Will I still be the same person when I am old? What makes something true? Is the brain different from the mind? How do we know something is

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