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A short video of Sara Stanley presenting at Teachmeet East 2010
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What if? Questions
what if

WHAT IF WHAT IF it was always Christmas? WHAT IF you had a Birthday every day? WHAT IF you knew everything? WHAT IF it never rained? WHAT IF we could all do magic? WHAT IF it rained every day? WHAT IF toys came alive? WHAT IF we had no fingers? WHAT IF everyone was a boy? WHAT IF there were

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Would you rather?
would you rather

Would you rather be imprisoned in? a)            A bird cage b)            a lift c)            a submarine d)            A school? Would you rather be chosen to? a)            go into space b)            captain the national football team c)            have your own TV show d)            Be the winner of pop idol?   Would you rather be lost? a)            at sea b)            in space

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Agree/Disagree 1
agree disagree

Agree disagree 1. Pinocchio was real Your dreams are real Strongest people should always be leaders There should be no rules Big things are better than small things You must never steal Aliens are real Animals can dream You must always do as you are told You are the same person when you are old You are a different person

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Big Questions 1

Big questions If God was the first being who made him? Should people be punished? Did we exist before we were born? Can there be a most beautiful thing? What is intelligence? Will I still be the same person when I am old? What makes something true? Is the brain different from the mind? How do we know something is

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