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Why Think?

Sara Stanley is pleased to announce the publication of her latest book Why Think Philosophical Play 3-11. This book explores how philosophy begins in the classroom and in the play and stories of the children. It illustrates how to use these dialogues to create play based activities that develop and consolidate the skills needed for enquiry. It sets out the

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Baddies – a dialogue with boys

Baddies – a dialogue with boys H- This one hungry wolf is ‘cos he’s got sharp teeth and eats something- a girl N- And this wicked witch –she is scary and I don’t like her CT but she looks like quite a nice witch, she is smiling isn’t she? N- No she is doing spells in her head- all witches

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Questions raised through dialogue: robot inventions
robot Q

Questions raised through dialogue about our robot inventions. If Jessie’s robot cries when it burns itself cooking, is it really crying? Do you have to be human to cry? Would Ella and Alice’s robots do evil things if they were programmed to do everything? Does a robot think for itself? Should humans make money from making robots do the work?

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A dialogue about goodies with girls

A dialogue about goodies with girls N- Let’s put all the lovelies in the castle G- This girl with a fish is lovely J-But she is swimming- not in the castle she can be good outside CT- Did you know some mermaids like this one have very sharp teeth? N- She not smiling CT -so is she a goody then?

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